I have an intimate relationship with loss, one that has colored everything I do as a person, as a maker, and every aspect of who I am. I suffered a monumental loss when I was twelve years old and for almost nine years I have tried to better understand that loss and how it has affected me. People need to connect and I find myself drawing on those human characteristics. Those needs that are the most beautiful part of our existence can also be our burden to bear. My work fosters relationships, cultivates connectivity, and often asks people to be open, vulnerable, and brave. It is therapeutic and productive for me as the maker, but can be the same for the viewer. I make art to connect with other people through shared feelings and experiences. Because of the value I place on relationships, much of my art requires viewer participation. My work addresses emotional connections, deep-seated fears regarding those connections, and how difficult those things are to face. By drawing from my own life experiences, my art practice explores relationships and things that deeply affect us. For me, anything that makes me feel something, even if that something is heavy and uncomfortable, is a good thing. I voluntarily walk around an open wound because I think it is good for my soul, and so I encourage others to do the same with the understanding that this invitation is dangerous. My work uses materials from the world like flower petals, delicate paper, and polaroids, and often includes writing, or sound.

I want the viewer to walk away having felt something—anything, and to walk away with the assurance that it is human to feel. The most productive and growth inducing events aren’t pleasant to feel but we still need them to survive. Rooted in the personal, my art asks viewers to participate and open themselves to feeling, connecting, and often being part of something bigger than themselves.  

Collaborative Exhibitions

2014 "Lost in Translation" | Makers of Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain
2014 "Lost in Translation" | Marsh Gallery | Indianapolis, Indiana
2016 "Optique" | Herron Photography Department | Indianapolis, Indiana
2016 "Elixir" | IUPUI Cultural Arts Gallery | Indianapolis, Indiana
2016 "In An Instant" | IUPUI Cultural Arts Gallery | Indianapolis, Indiana
2017 "Thrice: Act II 'With love,'" | Artist House at Bigcar Collaborative | Indianapolis, Indiana
2017 "Listen: A Sound Exhibition" | Listen Hear | Indianapolis, Indiana
2017 "Take Care" | G Michael Salon | Indianapolis, Indiana

Solo Exhibitions

2016 "Dear Somebody," | Listen Hear | Indianapolis, Indiana

Awards/Recognition and Publications

Featured photographs from the House Life Project on The Renewal Project

Other Projects

Photographer for the House Life Project 2016-2017
Co-founder of "The Tin Box Fellowship" 2017-present